Christmas Leger Coach Holidays in 2011

The itinerary for the Christmas Leger coach holidays in 2011 is better than ever before. With more than 40 different travel offerings, you are sure to find the perfect holiday trip.

The Austria, Prague and Rhineland tour is 12 days long and offers a unique experience starting at £1045.

  • Start out in Belgium where you will continue on to Austria for a four-night stay during Christmas where you can visit one of the many markets brimming with beautiful Christmas displays, snow covered trees and warm cups of cocoa.
  • Follow this up with a visit to Prague where shopping, pastries and children’s Christmas time activities are abundant in the fully-decorated Old Town Square. Feel free to join in on the guided tour of the St. Vitus Catherdral.
  • Next, onward to Cologne. The tour gives you the option of celebrating the New Year at the party in Rhine Valley. Enjoy a wine tasting on New Year’s Day as you relax in Moselle Valley.

Another tour offered by Leger takes you through Lake Garda, Venice and Verona over 8 days and is priced starting at £599.

  • The trip begins with five nights in Riva del Garda where you will experience wine tasting, Christmas markets, a walking tour of gorgeous Verona and a romantic cruise.
  • Off you go to Venice to see the sights. The Piazza San Marco is one of the highlights of this tour. You will see the church of St. Mark, the infamous Clocktower and a number of other noteworthy attractions as described in Not just a square: Venice's Piazza San Marco.

You can schedule these trips at Leger.co.uk or visit HessleTravel.co.uk for a 5% discount on your tour booking. Celebrate all Christmas has to offer with the Leger coach holidays in 2011.

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