Lease cars for 20000 miles

Lease cars for 20000 miles

When leasing a car, it’s a big question whether or not you should include extra miles in the deal. If you think there’s even a chance that you might drive a car over the predetermined mileage amount, you should definitely make concessions for this in the lease, since you will be charged for it once you come out on the other side. This is because the terms of a car lease are based on the car’s initial value as compared with its lease-end value. The more miles you have driven it during the lease, the less it is worth later. If you have driven the car 20000 miles in a year, it will be worth just about half of its initial value at the end of the lease’s term. This value is estimated assuming that no accident has occurred over the course of the lease.

To lease cars for 20000 miles is not uncommon. We think, that being said, 20000 miles in a year is about the top amount of mileage in the reasonable leasing bracket. If you drive more than 20000 miles in a year, you are probably well-advised to buy a used car instead of leasing a car. Even at 20000 miles you must be careful with a lease, as the average mileage limit tends to be 15000. Websites such as www.leasecarsdirect.co.uk and www.nationwidevehiclecontract.co.uk are useful for finding more information about leasing cars and the costs involved

Of course, every car lease is different, and some even have mileage rates as high as 30000 a year. It all depends on the deal you are able to negotiate.

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