Le Grand Casino de Montecarlo: Monaco’s Gaming Wonderland

This haven of the rich and famous is not only about manicured streets and lush, elegant parks. Monaco actually rivals Las Vegas in the fields of entertainment and gambling with its Grand Casino in Monte Carlo, the legendary home of poker and blackjack on Monaco holidays.

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Le Grand Casino de Monte Carlo is a posh, high-dollar gambling facility that draws tourists to Monaco annually. Tempting and intriguing, the casino is as opulent as it is from the outside, an architectural masterpiece overlooking the Mediterranean. It was built in the 1860s by architect Charles Garnier, the creator of Paris opera. A “jewel of the arts ‘Belle Epoque,’” Grand Casino’s Boucher frescoes glitter with glamour, and its gold and marble atrium adds drama to its castle-like façade. Sprawling casino gardens lie outside, along with the famous Café de Paris, where tourists can enjoy lunch as well as morning and afternoon tea.

Stepping inside the casino is like being transported into an aristocratic gaming wonderland. Slot machines, American Roulettes, Blackjack 21, Stud Poker, and Craps are just some of its earthly delights. A wide range of tables dot the playground, filled with rowdy yet high-class gamers from different parts of the world. These tables are hailed as the most prestigious and the most complete in Europe.

Besides gambling facilities, Le Grand Casino de Monte Carlo is also home to the Monte Carlo Opera, which hosts world-renowned stage productions. The casino was featured in the James Bond movie Casino Royale. It has also welcomed luminaries such as kings, queens, and famous celebrities.

Le Grand Casino de Monte Carlo is located at Casino Square in Monte Carlo. It is open from two in the afternoon onwards. A strict dress code is applied: coat and tie for men and dress for women. Shorts and flip flops are not allowed. A valid ID or passport is requested upon admission.

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