Latest Stats Claim that London's a Bargain!!!

For years, London has been touted as one of the world's most expensive cities. But a recent survey shows that its rip-off reputation is slipping.

Amazingly, the survey even claims that visiting London is better value than a trip to Caracas, the capital of Venezuela!

Right so, where are all these bargains to be had?

Well if you want superb food? Begin with breakfast at E. Pellicci's on Bethnal Green Road, a quintessential east-end formica cafe where the Kray twins once plotted, and where the service is as charming as anywhere in the capital, ClassicCafes.

Culture? That’s an easy one. You can manage to stuff yourself with the stuff for a full week, and do it for under £50. If you want freebies, most of London's best galleries and museums - including the Tate Modern, the British Museum, the Serpentine - are free!

And you can even bag a bargain bed here. The recently revamped YHA St. Pancras has slick double rooms from just over £50 per night, YHA.

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