Top late holidays from Ireland

Ireland just suffered one of those blink and you missed it summers. Two weeks of cloudy overcast sun in May and a day or two of sun burn in July doesn't make for a summer for most people so if you are like the growing number of sun lovers who are reaching for the holiday brochures join us as we take a look at some top late holidays from Ireland.

With late holidays we have to consider a couple of things. Does off season mean off-weather? Will you be spending hundreds of euro to fly into exotic rain? In addition to that once you get there will everything be closed if you go looking for a restaurant or bar to have dinner and drinks in? These are the kinds of things that have spoiled out off-peak holidays and we will make sure you don't experience the same thing.

Sunway.ie has dozens of amazing destinations for late off peak holidays. Out current favourite is the Greek island of Corfu that boasts year round sun and year round culture. The island is importantly home to some great restaurants and bars offering a great night life all year round. Sunway offer 7 nights in a 3 star rated self-catering apartment for only €259. This price is based on two people sharing and includes flights from Dublin airport and transfers to and from the airport.

LateDeals.ie, the Irish website specialising in last minute deals has a record number of deals this year as the recession has meant longer seasons and better deals as holiday resorts try to maximize revenues. 7 nights in a 3 star hotel in Tenerife offering half-board is only €205 per person sharing right now with Late Deals. We think it is one of the best places to start you search. Flights depart Cork and Dublin on various dates in September.

FalconHolidays.ie is our final tip, they are experts in destinations like Bulgaria, Hungary and Turkey. For as little as €179 per person sharing you could have 7 nights in the Turkish resort of Antalya departing from Cork or Dublin in October. The strips will be closed but there will still be lots of local amenities, bars and restaurants open to make your vacation perfect.

Try our three tips and we are sure you will find the best late leaving holidays from Ireland.

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