Where to find the best bargains on late holidays from Belfast

Thinking of getting away from the pains of your day to day life with a last minute holiday? If you are living in the Belfast area then you have an unbelievable array of holiday bargains on offer from Belfast International Airport. In this blog, we are going to show you the sites you need to be checking out to find late holidays from Belfast.

With EasyJet as well as a huge number of package operators flying out of Belfast Airport, the world is your oyster when it comes to grabbing a late holiday deal. To get an idea of the kind of late holiday bargains that you can expect to find, we recommend checking out the Co-Op Travel and their Belfast deals page at www.co-operativetravel.co.uk/localairports/Belfast/. Here you will find some unbelievable bargains along the lines of a week in Magaluf for less than £200! A fantastic deal we think you will agree!

For a huge range of alternative options, we suggest checking out the Late Deals site at www.latedeals.co.uk/. Late Deals are the specialist in last minute holidays, as their name would suggest, and they offer a fantastic range of Belfast Airport departures. Their site even contains a "Last Second" tab where you can check out holidays that leave that week in an attempt to find a smashing deal for youself.

A final site we suggest you peruse is Irish operator Falcon Holidays and their extensive Belfast section at www.falconholidays.co.uk/. Falcon offer all inclusive holidays, Villa Holidays and Family Holidays, and their link up with Thomson allows them to offer you a fantastic price!

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