Great Late Holiday Deals in UK Parks

Are you getting tired of the oppressive check-in and security procedures in airports or expensive flights abroad for a whole family? If so, you may want to consider booking a completely stress-free and highly affordable break with late holiday deals in UK parks, and there's certainly no shortage of options to choose from.

Haven.com, official website of one of the leading holiday park companies in Britain, offers prices from £449 for a family holiday for seven nights in some of its caravan parks. Shorter breaks are considerably cheaper, with prices starting at £249. If you are prepared to wait until September, prices normally start getting much lower as the peak season draws to an end.

John Fowler Holidays at johnfowlerholidays.com has some bargain deals on as well, especially in the late summer. They have holiday parks in Cornwall and Devon with prices for a seven-night budget holiday starting at £449 for the whole family. Their accommodation comes in the form of comfortable and modern stationary caravans which can sleep up to six people, making it quite economical for larger groups of people. They also provide considerably higher levels of luxury with prices starting at £719 for a week.

Park-resorts.com is home to some of the most affordable caravan park deals. If you are looking for some of the cheapest late holiday deals in UK parks, you'll no doubt be impressed by their last-minute special offers which start at £369 for a whole week for a family or group of four to six people.

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