Looking for late holiday deals from Ireland?

It is nearing the end of the Summer already, but it is still not too late to get away, in fact alot of people purposely leave it until the last month of Summer to miss the crowds and have more of a relaxing holiday. So jump online today and grab yourself a bargain with late holiday deals from Ireland, just take a look at what gohop.ie have to offer.

Go Hop is a fully owned and run travel site, based on Pearse Street in Dublin. With 230,00 customers it is also Irelands leading online travel site, and for good reason. The company not only does the legwork of securing you the best deal, they genuinely try to find the lowest airfare by comparing not only online fares, but they also research reputable published airfares as well as private, and the price you first see on the website is also the last price - meaning the price you pay is the price they quote in the beginning - they don't add the extra fees and charges as you go along.

With prices from as low as €273 for a seven night holiday to Lanzarote from Cork on 29th August, staying in a self catering 3 star apartments, there is definitely something for all budgets. Or how about two weeks in Turkey, departing from Shannon airport on 14th August, staying in a hotel and including breakfast? With the price coming in at just €421, it is definitely a late holiday deal!

So take a look today and book a bargain with go hop's choice of late holiday deals from Ireland.

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