The best late holiday bargains

Back to school time means lots of things for lots of people. For kids its with a sense of dread that they edge ever closer to home work and school dinners. For parents it means more expense but for us it has always meant that it is time to grab a late holiday bargains.

Late holidays need to be considered carefully. What is the weather like in the off-peak season? There is no point going on a sun holiday when the rainy season has kicked in.

Similarly, there is no point going on a pub and clubbing holiday when the local strip has closed down.

Careful planning is needed, weighing up your best options can take time and that might be time that you don't have! Never fear, we are here to help and here is our top 3 tips for late holiday bargains.

  1. Flexible travel dates and plans secure the best prices

If you are willing to go to any destination and you can travel on various dates you will secure the best prices available. By leaving stuff to the last minute you can get the best deals.

For instance LastDeals.co.uk are offering incredible value on off-peak holidays. 7 nights for half board in a 4 star rated hotel in Tenerife for only £205 per person sharing. This and more excellent deals can be found on excellent websites like LateDeals.co.uk and LastMinute.com.

2.   Look outside the traditional destinations

By searching for holidays outside of the traditional Spanish and Greek destinations you can find destinations that have all year round culture.

There is much less risk of season attractions being closed down. For instance trips to Morocco, Egypt or Dubai could be just the ticket. LastMinute.com offer a trip for 2 staying in a 4 Star hotel in Dubai for £870. Price includes half board, flights and transfers.

3.   Shopping around and buying separate may be cheaper

Travel companies make deals with many different hotels and airlines to secure discounts on flights and accommodation. By approaching hotels and airlines directly using websites such as HotelHotline.com and SkyScanner.com you may find a cheaper holiday.

Best of luck searching and bon voyage!

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