Want to find the best Late Escapes holiday auctions?

Holiday auctions are an increasingly popular way of getting the very cheapest holiday deals available. With numerous stunning destinations on offer through sites such as eBay, Play to Get Away, Holiday Auctions and Thomson Holidays, there options are endless. Here's a look at some current late escapes holiday auctions on offer at this very minute.

Play To Get Away currently offer Las Vegas holiday auctions. With last minute pricing available, this is a great way to get value for money. Their 7 day trip to Las Vegas includes flights and a 3 to 4 star hotel right on the Strip, starting from just £2440 for two people.

If you would prefer a quieter holiday, perhaps self-catering in a nice villa somewhere peaceful, then the Holiday Auctions website can help. With hundreds of holiday options available, cheap trips to Gran Canaria, Orlando or Tenerife are just a few clicks away. Holiday Auctions currently offer an unbeatable deal to Paphos in Cyprus for just £275. However, if you bide your time you could get this deal for as little as £150, depending on how many bids are made. This holiday lasts for 7 nights in a poolside Villa in the Anarita Valley. The modern 2 bed house comes with kitchen and bathroom facilities, wifi as well as satellite television.

Holiday Auctions also advertise an unbelievable 7 night break in one of the Dominican Republic's most luxurious holiday resorts. The Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club boasts golf, a private beach, numerous swimming pools and a host of on site drinking and dining options. This holiday can be bught at any time for £250, while bids as low as £175 may also be accepted.

With so many late escapes holiday auctions out there and available for purchase, it makes sense to take a look.

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