Check out these Late Deals on Sun Holidays from Cork

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'We're all going on our summer holidays - no more worries for a week or two.' Or three! With so many bargains to be had nowadays everyone can afford a holiday. You'll get an even better bargain on last minute bookings so read on to find out about late deals on sun holidays from Cork!

If you're flying from Cork you can choose from pretty much any holiday dealer in in the Irish market. You have Budget Travel, Sunway, Go4Less not to mention Late Deals. Flying from Cork can actually work out even cheaper than flying from Dublin especially when you consider popular places like Lanzarote and the Algarve.

Flying to the refreshing, sun drenched island of Lanzarote you can stay in the popular beach promenade town of Puerta del Carmen. To fly from Cork you get it at a bargain price when you book last minute. You can book as late as five days in advance. For one deal you can stay in Balcon del Mar which has two pools, a poolside bar, a gorgeous garden and all only 850 metres from the beach and all the great shops and restaurants. This late deal from Cork includes all flights, taxes, transfers and accommodation and is based on 7 nights accommodation. Grand total? €224 per person.

Flying to Turkey's vibrant town of Kusadasi from Cork you'll stay one week in three star accommodation at the Oya Apartments. This high standard accommodation set in a relaxed, tranquil atmosphere comes at a very low price. To fly to Turkey for a late deal you'll pay €218 for a 7 night holiday.

So check out the dealers, book your time off work and then book at the last minute to bag yourself late deals on a sun holiday from Cork!

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