Last Minute and Late Booking Baltic Cruises

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Baltic cruises are the perfect way to spend a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. Baltic cruises provide holidaymakers with the perfect opportunity to experience a vast region that is steeped in architectural history, rich in stunning scenery and home to some of the finest historic monuments in the world. Baltic Cruises are hugely popular due the extensive range of superb destinations that are included on the itinerary as well as the fantastic summer evenings and calm waters in Northern Europe. Baltic cruises are also a great option for people who cannot fly as it gives them the chance to witness some of the most striking parts of the world. From culturally enriching museums, art galleries and stunning medieval architecture the breathtaking archipelagos – Baltic Cruises have it all! So if you fancy a last minute trip to the Baltic then checkout some of these late booking Baltic Cruises leaving from Southampton:

Virgin Holiday Cruises offer a wide range of cruises from Southampton. One of their best late booking cruise deals is onboard the Fred Olsen Cruise Ship, Balmoral. This is a fourteen night cruise and docks on August 14th 2011. Top destinations include the delightful Danish city of Copenhagen where visitors can enjoy the wonderful ambience of this refined capital. Helsinki is amongst the other stops and provides visitors with the opportunity to experience some of Finland’s finest architecture and fantastic shops! Another fantastic destination is St. Petersburg, which is often described as the jewel in the crown of the Baltic Cruise as visitors can witness the stunning architecture of the Winter Palace and appreciate the rich and interesting history of the city.  Other cities include Tallinn, Holtenau and Alborg.

Virgin also have other cruise deals available onboard the Balmoral. So if you are thinking of getting away then late booking Baltic cruises could be the perfect holiday option for you!

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