Go wherever you want with Lastminute flights!

With summer well and truly upon us, you would be forgiven for letting your mind wander to the fantastic deals available on Lastminute flights. One of the best travel websites online, Lastminute.com, can help you find the bargain flights you've been dreaming about.

Whether you have your heart set on the shopping malls of New York, the temples of Thailand or the fields of Ireland, Lastminute should be your first port of call in the search for cheap flights. By trawling through the databases of hundreds of travel agents and airlines, Lastminute is in the best position to bring you the hottest deals from the travel industry.

It couldn't be any easier to find cheap flights on Lastminute. Just enter the airports you want to fly to and from, your travel dates and how many people are flying into the search box on their website. Within a couple of minutes you'll be scanning over the details of best offers in town.

The United States is a major travel destination on Lastminute and contains many of the top deals. You can fly to New York for €425; Chicago for €458; Washington for €469 and  Orlando for €473. If you're thinking about Canada, you can fly to Toronto with Lastminute for an amazing €472 at the moment.

If you're thinking of going further afield, Lastminute flights can get you there on a budget too. South Africa's vibrant Johannesburg, can be experienced for €409 on a Lastminute flight, and sophisticated Hong Kong can be reached for €685. But hurry, these deals won't be around forever!


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