Best Deals on Lastminute Cruises from Southampton

Lastminute cruises from Southampton

A cruise is perhaps the best way to enjoy a hassle-free holiday, as you only need to book a trip to your favourite destination and avoid worrying about accommodation, travel arrangements or itineraries. If you want to go on a cruise soon and you haven’t got the time to book it in advance, lastminute cruises from Southampton are a great idea. You can easily get to Southampton from any part of the UK and you can save a lot of money by choosing to book a late deal cruise.

There are numerous cruises leaving from Southampton year-round and you can book them from different travel websites. One of them is celebritycruises.com, where you can choose from a fine selection of cruises departing from Southampton. A late deal available on this website is the Westbound Transatlantic Cruise, with prices starting from £819 per person. This is a 13 night’s cruise that departs from Southampton and has ports of call in Paris, Cherbourg, Vigo, Ponta Delgada and Miami. The price includes most meals on board, on-board accommodation and daily entertainment. Shore excursions, photographs and air transportation are not included.

Another website where you can book lastminute cruises from Southampton is pocruises.com. One of their late deals is the West Mediterranean N125 Ventura Cruise, available for the end of September. This is a 12-day cruise that will allow you to discover some of the gems of the Mediterranean. The itinerary of this cruise includes ports of call such as Barcelona, Cannes, Rome, Ajaccio and Gibraltar. Prices start from £1,114 for an inside cabin on the Ventura cruise ship.

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