Last second deals: pack your bags and go, and get a great price.

If you suddenly can’t take anymore and just have to take a break, check out lastminute.com who have some great deals if you’re prepared to book and travel within the next 14 days. Opt for a complete change of scene and leave the winter weather behind you for warmer climes. What about 14 days in a three star hotel including breakfast, in sunny Kenya?

Lastminute.com are currently offering just that, at the Shanzu-Paradise Beach Hotel, Shanzu with economy flights from London Gatwick to Mombasa airport included for £598.00 for two. Depart with your partner this Sunday, the 21st of November and return on Monday the 6th December. Airport taxes and fuel surcharges and transfers between Mombasa Airport and your hotel are also included in the package.

The Shanzu-Paradise Beach Hotel is situated on the glorious, white-sand, Indian Ocean Shanzu Beach, 18kms north of Mombasa, about 30 minutes from the airport. Enjoy its beautiful tropical gardens and swimming pools and evening entertainment. Rooms are simply furnished but spacious and have a balcony or patio where you can lounge with a view of the pools. Water sports and Safari options are available. If it’s not what you want or the dates don’t suit, check out the web site for other last second deals. There’s something for everyone!

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