Booking Last Minute Villas

Working out your destination

Although some last minute travellers either already have a location in mind or are willing to see which location is cheapest and travel there, others may wish to work out a dream destination before booking.

Use online travel and holiday guides to help you narrow down your search to a specific region or even city or town in a foreign country.

Websites such as Roughguides.com, Frommers.com and Virtualtourist.com allow you to read travel guides for different regions, countries and cities and towns, helping you to work out your last minute holiday location.


Searching for Last Minute Package Deals

There are many companies that specifically cater for last minute package holidays, including last minute villas.

Visit websites such as Lastminute.com, 1stforvillas.com and Jamesvillas.co.uk/late-deals and enter as much detail as you can for your last minute package villa holiday.

This search will line up a list of last minute holidays that you can rank by way of price, showing the cheapest at the top of the page.

Package deals are advantageous as you simply pay one price for all of your travel, accommodation and, quite commonly, entertainment, food and drink while staying at a resort.

Booking Flights and Villas Separately

You can also perform searches for last minute flights using websites such as Opodo.co.uk or Skyscanner.net, allowing you to find the cheapest last minute flight for your villa holiday.

You can then contact your local travel agent or villa companies in your chosen destination to ask if they have any cancellations or villas available for a last minute holiday.


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