Where to Find the Best Last Minute Venice Breaks

The City of Venice

Venice is a beautiful city in the north of Italy and enjoys a fantastic position on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. Venice is a series of small islands scattered within the Gulf of Venice (or, il Golfo di Venezia, in Italian).

Last minute Venice breaks are popular given that the city is so easy to get to by aeroplane from the UK. Once in Venice, the enormous range of activities available will keep you enthralled and capitivated throughout your stay.

Organising Your Own Last Minute Venice Break

With the increase in availability of cheap flights and hotels, it is easy to create your own last minute Venice break. Once you have decided on dates to go away for, check out flight prices on websites like Skyscanner.net. A search on 23 July 2011 revealed that flight prices for London Stanstead (STN) to Venice Marco Polo (VCE) were only 263€ for two adult passengers on a return flight, leaving 27 July and returning 31 July. These are excellent prices for last minute flights. Other offers may be available by contacting the airline directly so check individual websites for details.

Once you have your flights sorted, you need to sort out accommodation. If you want a range of options, look on sites like Hostelbookers.com where you can secure camping villages from 13€ a night, hostels for 26€ a night and luxury hotels for 200€ a night, (prices correct on 23 July 2011).

Getting a Last Minute Venice Break Package

Websites like Lastminute.com and Co-operativetravel.co.uk are great for booking last minute Venice breaks. Upon searching on 23 July 2011, Lastminute.com can offer a four night city break with hotel and flights from as low price as £270.94 per person. There are a great deal more packages available where you can customise your hotel preferences, your flight hours, facilities, activities and other things like car hire and you should shop around these sites to get the best deals.

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