Where to Find a Last Minute Airline Ticket

Finding a last minute ticket also called a "standby" ticket has changed with tighter airport security and the way airlines conduct business these days. These types of tickets can be difficult to locate and getting through additional security may be a hassle.

When you realize you need a last minute airline ticket, use the Internet to visit any of these websites that offer deals and last minute flights. Many of these sites do the comparison shopping for you and will save money and time in your search for last minute flights.


The Travelocity website offers "Last Minute Deals" for those needing flights quickly. You can book hotel and flight arrangements knowing you will get competitive rates anywhere in the country. Find tickets and rates at www. travelocity.com.


Use Airfarewatchdog to check several airlines that are providing last minute deals. Pick out your departure city and your destination. You will receive a list of airlines with your specifications. Select an airline and click on details for available flights, departure dates and general information and prices. Deals can be found at www.airfarewatchdog.com/.


You can get good deals on both Priceline and Hotwire if you are not under very strict time limits. Each of these websites allow you to name a fair ticket price and they will try to meet your expectations. However, you do not receive departure or arrival times until you have paid your money up front.

Close timelines may make it difficult to use these services, but if your schedule has some flexibility, you might save money. Websites are located at www.hotwire.com and www.priceline.com.

Work smart and efficiently to get a last minute ticket with great deals on Internet sites.

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