Sites offering last minute sun holidays from Dublin

Is the prospect of another miserable Irish summer spent under an umbrella getting you down? If you haven't got anything booked, then there are a host of sites offering last minute sun holidays from Dublin. In this blog we are going to run through a few of your options for picking up a bargain on a holiday!

With the recent deflation in the Irish economy, travel companies are doing more and more to try and secure your euro! This means there are some unbelievable deals to be found out there, and one of the best starting points for your search is Sunway's website at http://www.sunway.ie. Sunway have a massive selection of last minute deals on holidays to the sun, so they are a brilliant starting point for your search!

The next site we think you should check out is Panorama at www.panoramaholidays.ie/. Panorama offer a similar service to Sunway, except they offer unlimited free child places on their holidays, meaning you will be able to get an even bigger bargain considering you won't have to pay for your kids! They also have an extensive last minute section, and you can book right up to the day before you depart!

The final site you should check out is perhaps Ireland's most well known travel company, and that site is www.budgettravel.ie/. Budget Travel allow you to book more destinations than any other tour provider in Ireland, and their prices are unbelievably competitive thanks to the extra capacity they have. They are essential for anyone searching for a cheap holiday!



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