Last Minute Holidays in England Caravan Parks

The end of the summer is probably the best time of year to start looking for last minute holidays in England caravan parks, since the weather is often still quite good, though prices drop steadily in the end of August. Once September comes, prices literally plummet for the off-season, making a short break more affordable than ever.

Caravan parks often have a wide range of facilities. Some of the larger ones have highly developed entertainment venues including fully licensed bars, clubs, swimming pools, gyms and more. However, if you want a quieter holiday in a more secluded area of the country, there is also plenty to choose from. UKparks.com has a directory of just about every park in the country, but you may find yourself spoiled for choice!

Those wanting to book last minute holidays in England caravan parks may also want to take a look at Haven.com. Haven is one of the best-known and oldest holiday park companies in the UK and, while more expensive than some, they offer a wide variety of accommodation options in sites around the country. Prices start at £449 for a last-minute summer break for six people for seven nights. Prices get even lower in the post-summer months.

Park-resorts.com is worth checking out for those looking to spend even less money. They organize week-long breaks with last-minute holiday rates starting at around £369 for the end of the summer. Shorter breaks are available for around £100. Prices change rapidly between the middle of August and September every year.

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