Last minute holidays: how to find the best deals online

There was a time when getting last minute holiday deals was simple: you could just walk into your local travel agents and ask for their best deals. However times have changed in the travel industry and many travel providers are now offering incentives to book well in advance rather than wait until the last minute. That said, there are still ways to find serious discounts online.

Last minute holidays: how to find the best deals online

  1. Check out bargains from travel agents. Booking flights independently as the last minute can be expensive because ticket prices increase as they sell out. Travel agents are more likely to bulk buy tickets at an early stage and offer discounts on last minute tickets that they haven't sold yet.
  2. Make the most of great last minute hotel websites like Late Rooms and Last Minute. These allow you to filter discount hotels by destination and budget. Keep an eye out for "mystery hotels" - these are often four or five star hotels that are offering such large discounts that they don't want to reveal their name until after you've booked.
  3. If you are booking flights independently, use a good comparison site like Sky Scanner or Travel Supermarket. These will return all suitable flights to your destination and allow you to compare direct and indirect flights to find the best deal.
  4. Don't be afraid to play travel agents off against each other. Travel agents may drop a little from the price if you email them to say you have found a better deal elsewhere.

Ultimately the best strategy for getting discount last minute holidays is to do your research and shop around. A little time and effort can reap great savings!

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