Last minute holidays departing from Ireland

Booking a holiday can be an expensive pursuit. Between the cost of flights and accomodation your annual trip can quite quickly cost hundreds, if not thousands of euro.

You can choose to not go and try to save money or you could try booking a last minute holidays from Ireland to get the best value.

There are a couple of things that you need to consider when booking a late holiday however. When holidays are described as off-peak they mean just that. There is a reason why these trips are less expensive.

In some locations this means that the weather may be different to the heights of summer. This can be monsoons in some countries but in others it means a drop in the temperature and some light rain showers. Another issue may be the lack of local amenities. Restaurants, bars and night clubs shut down in the off-season. This might suit couples or families who don't want a night life but obviously for a clubber it might ruin the holiday.

So with this in mind here are our top tips for last minute holidays from Ireland.

Falcon holidays are currently offering 7 nights in the Algarve for only €234 per person. The price is based on two people sharing and includes flights, accommodation and transfers. Find this price on falconholidays.ie amongst others. We feel that Falcon should be your first stop when holiday hunting.

LastMinute.ie offer hundreds of late deals on their website. They specialise in last minute deals like 7 nights in Majorca for €269. Price is based on two people sharing in a 3 star rated hotel offering half-board.

Remember for the best prices shop around and be flexible with your travel dates. Bon Voyage.

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