Think Quick - Last Minute Holidays from Dublin

Sometimes we all work too hard and when it comes to booking a holiday we leave it too late to book enough in advance to get the best deals. Thankfully there are packages available such as last minute holidays from Dublin that take away some of the regret of leaving planning too late.

Beach holidays tend to be the most popular, especially when needing to escape from the Irish rain. It is most likely one would find cheaper deals at closer destinations such as Greece and Spain. Cyprus could also be a sunny holiday option. Booking through www.latedeals.ie will provide a range of flight and hotel deals to Cyprus. Seven nights for two adults can cost between €500.00 and €700.00 depending on the star rating of the hotel.

For last minute holidays from Dublin finding an enormous range of reasonably priced hotels can be very easy through www.lastminute.com. They specialise in finding last minute hotel deals in a variety of stunning locations. For instance, a five night stay in a four star hotel in Venice can cost under £100.00. They also offer ‘top secret’ hotel deals which can cost even less but you could be taking quite a risk choosing these as you may have no idea what your accommodation could be like.

It is probably worth doing some investigation into the list of hotels as you can find ones that might be more suited to your ideal holiday. You may want to be close to the sea or based in the heart of the city if you intend to do a lot of sightseeing.

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