Where to find last minute holidays from Belfast to Benidorm

Benidorm is a small town in the province of Alicante famous for its beaches and fantastic nightlife. If you are looking for last minute holidays from Belfast to Benidorm, we show places where you can snag a holiday package in the sun. It does pay to book early, but if you can't it is still possible to grab a good deal for your next holiday to Spain.

Where to find sun holidays

Luckily, Benidorm is packed with tourists. In fact, the city is known for offering package holidays to tourists and it is quite a popular destination amongst UK, German, Belgian and Dutch tourists. There is always a demand for seats and accommodation in the area so it should not be too hard to find and reserve a holiday. Searching online will yield plenty of results and here are a few places where you can still find last minute holidays from Belfast to Benidorm.

  • Travel Supermarket (travelsupermarket.com)

Travel Supermarket is a price comparison website as many of you might know, but it gives a good overview where you can still find seats and packages. If you are able to depart on August 1, prices for a couple range from £428 per person for a week’s stay in Spain’s Costa Blanca inclusive of flights on EasyJet and bed and breakfast at a 2-starred accommodation. Departures on July 28 will cost you £386 per person including flights and stay at a self-catering unit in the area.

  • Sunshine (sunshine.co.uk)

Departures on the 2nd of August will cost you a flight of £242.59 per person plus one week accommodation at a 4-star hotel for 2 worth £679.44. You will fly on EasyJet from Belfast International and land in Alicante. From there, it takes less than an hour to reach the resort town of Benidorm.

An alternative

Another option is look at the offers on Fleetway Travel (fleetwaytravel.co.uk) for last minute holidays from Belfast to Benidorm. EasyJet will take you to the area and prices start at £542 per person inclusive of flights and a week’s stay at a 3-star hotel in Benidorm. For July, the average price per person inclusive of flights and accommodation at a 3-star hotel is £625.

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