What site offers the best last minute holidays from Belfast

Sick of the constantly changing weather in Northern Ireland and looking to go somewhere you can actually work on your tan without fear of getting rained on? Passengers from Belfast Airport have a huge variety of options avilable to them for cheap holidays, and in this blog we are going to focus on late deals, as we check out last minute holidays from Belfast.

Thanks to your position close to both Belfast and Dublin Airports, holidaymakers in Northern Ireland are spoiled for choice when it comes to holidays thanks to the Euro exchange rate. However, you will still likely find it cheaper to fly from Belfast, and you should begin on your search with the travel search engine, Travel Supermarket, at http://www.travelsupermarket.com. All you have to do is select Belfast from their drop down menu and the full selection of flights from Belfast will pop up, giving you a wide variety of choice!

An Irish company that has branched out into offering last minute Belfast breaks should be your next port of call as we suggest checking out Falcon Holidays and their full range of Belfast deals at www.falconholidays.co.uk/. Falcon offer a wide variety of charter flights from both Belfast and Derry Airports, and they put a massive emphasis on last minute deals, saving you a packet in the process.

One company offering a fantastic £100 off every holiday at the moment is Direct Line at www.directline-holidays.co.uk. So they are also well worth a look!




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