Discover Last Minute Holiday Deals from Shannon

Last minute holiday deals from Shannon to different destinations are offered from travel agencies and they offer comfortable prices. Majorca, Algarve, Costa Dorado, Ibiza, Crete, Italy, Tunisia, Turkey, Costa Del Sol, Cyprus, Malta and Sicily are the popular last minute holiday destinations from Shannon.

Last minute holiday deals from Shannon start on the 28th of July. And the duration of the holiday is a week or two according to the last minute deals. But the most important thing is that you can avail of these deals at a very comfortable price. It costs only £800 from Shannon to Costa Dorada. Average cost from Shannon is around £700. More information about the last minute holiday deals are available here: http://www.gohope.ie.

There are some exciting offers available at Shannon. For example, 7 nights holiday in Lanzarote will cost only £500. And this flight is departing on 8th August. There is also another last minute deal which costs only £400 to Majorca and the departing date is 9th August. Details about these deals are available at http://www.latedeals.ie.

Falcon holidays also have several last minute deals for single couple and families. Their last minute deals from the Shannon will start on August 15th to Lanzarote. And the cost is only £600 with accommodation at Hyde Park. There is also a last minute holiday deal for families to Costa Dorada which is will start from 29th July. And the cost is only £2000 for two weeks. So you can start your last minute holiday trip from Shannon any time.

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