Last minute holiday deals from Dublin airport

Finding last minute holiday deals from Dublin airport that are cheap is a big ask. When it's last minute, the prices always go down but you do run the risk of not getting a deal at all. If you know where to look you can greatly improve your odds of finding a killer deal though.

When it comes to last minute holidays the latedeals.ie website is your best friend. They have all the best late deals for you to choose from, if your not picky there are some great holidays to be had.

We were looking for something around the 12th of August and managed to come up trumps. A holiday for 2 on the 12th to Crete with hotel and return flights included. The flights are direct from Dublin leaving on the 12th and returning on the 20th.

You will be staying at the beautiful Frida Apartments just a few minutes walk to the village of Piskopiano. Here you will have access to two swimming pools, terraces and bars with entertainment. On top of this you will have two large bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and it's fully furnished with everything included in the overall price.

This whole holiday package comes to only £479 per person. This is costing under a thousand pounds for a flat, your flights and a great location in Crete.

When it comes to sun, sea and sand, last minute holiday deals from Dublin airport on the late deals website are the way to go. Check them out for yourself, we are sure you will find something.

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