Last Minute Flights from the UK

Picking a Destination

Many tourists looking to book a cheap last minute flight often know, at the very least, the sort of holiday they are after.

For example, if you are a young couple looking for a quick romantic getaway the destinations you are going to look for will be very different from a group of young men looking for a last minute clubbing holiday.

Work out a list of five to 10 ideal destinations by reading travel guides and asking family and friends who have already travelled to these places.

If you are a solo traveller or in a group that is keen for a last minute adventure, however, a big part of the fun might be to simply look for an agreeable fare with no specific location in mind.

Once you have compiled your shortlist of destinations or determined that you will first look at the prices, you are ready to start performing your search for last minute flights from the UK.


Last Minute Flight Websites

As last minute flights from the UK is a niche market, there are several websites that cater specifically for last minute travel and flights.

Visit such websites as Lastminute.com, Groupon.co.uk/last_minute and Crystaltravel.co.uk and enter as many or as few details as suits your needs.

Details that will help focus the results these websites generate include the time of day and date you wish to travel, your origin and destination airports and information about any passengers that will be travelling.


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