Cheap last minute flights to Glasgow from London!

Last minute flights to Glasgow from London, the key is in the title really! There is an amazing website known only as 'Last Minute' that will be perfect to find these flights.

As the name indicates Last Minute deals in all things... well... last minute really. It is a website that specialises in finding great deals for the disorganised traveller. People that haven't quite put the time into planning their holiday but know they want to go somewhere soon!

Sometimes an unplanned holiday happens, maybe some unscheduled days off came up at work or you have got someone to mind the kids for a couple of days and want to take full advantage of the peace and quiet. Whatever the reason, Last Minute have got you covered.

The way this website works is by purchasing any cancellations that may come to light. Basically, if people cancel a flight just before the departure date, Last Minute swoop in and by the seats for cheap. This means they can sell them on to you for much cheaper than the original price.

You have to be flexible on the destination if you want to take advantage of the deals though. What ever is on offer is all you have to choose from but you will get it for nearly a third of the original ticket price. How about Paris for 2, under £100!

If you are hoping to get cheap flights for a last minute trip, check out the Last Minute website, we guarantee you will find something great!

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