Looking for last minute flights?

Nearly every second website seem to be claiming that they offer the lowest airfare or the best deal on last minute flights - but how can you be sure the deal you get is really the best deal out there? The only way is to go trawling through the millions of websites, with many of us giving up shortly after and selecting the next one we find - only to discover ten seconds later a cheaper deal right infront of us.

Take all the hassle, stress and time spent on the various companies, and instead go to lastminute.com who do all the legwork for you, ensuring you do infact secure the cheapest airfare. Lastminute.com is the UK’s leading online travel leisure retailer, and with over 1.65 million visitors per week they must be doing something right!

Take for example a last minute flight to Amsterdam, departing from London Gatwick on the 15th September for three days, leaving just after 6am and arriving just before 8.30am - this comes in at just £114.90 for a return trip. Not only this but lastminute.com let you know that you can also book accomodation with this exact flight saving you almost twenty pound.

And as well as this they also specialise in great deals on late sun packages, city breaks, hotels, spa packages and even restaurants and theatres. So if you are fed up trawling through millions of sites, just take a look at lastminute.com and you will never need to stress over last minute flights again.

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