Catching the last minute flight

It doesn't matter how it happened, somehow you need a last minute flight. Whether it's a last minute business trip, holiday or emergency there is always a way to catch a flight regardless of how little time you have.

While there are many websites out there that are great for finding cheap flights there are very few that can get you on the next plane as quickly and easily as the guys at lastminute.com.

Last Minute is a website that deals specifically in late flights and cancellations. Whenever there is a flight you can almost guarantee that there will be a cancellation, this is where Last Minute make there sales. They swoop in and buy any cancellations and sell them to Last Minute flyers on the cheap, everyone wins because the airlines need to fill seats.

To prove just how quickly and easily you can find a seat we did a search for a London Barcalona return flight for tomorrow.  We managed to find a seat on a flight for only £179 return! This is a truly spectacular price especially considering the how late we left the booking.

Be sure to check out their special offers section too! They are currently running some August weekend specials so maybe you can save a little more on your flight.

If it comes down to you needing to book a last minute flight then the Last Minute website is all you really need to get everything in order. Hit them up and see what they can do for you...

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