Finding Great Last Minute Deals in UK Holiday Parks

The very best time of year to find last minute deals in UK holiday parks is the end of the summer or even September. Quite often, the weather is still good and it can be a perfect time of year to spend by the beach. Last-minute summer deals are available from many holiday parks across the country, with prices dropping very generously towards the end of the summer and even more so in early autumn.

There's plenty to choose from at sites like ukparks.com, which has an extensive directory of just about every holiday park and camping ground in the country. You can search by location and facilities, making it ideal if you are set on going to a specific place in the country.

Haven.com is home to one of the best-known and widely respected holiday park companies in the UK and, while their prices may be higher than some, you are most likely to have a great experience in one of their award-winning holiday camps. They have last minute deals in UK holiday parks starting at £449. This includes accommodation in very comfortable, modern stationary caravans for six or more people for seven nights. Shorter breaks are also available for little over half the price.

Park-resorts.com is also home to dozens of holiday parks around the country, with prices starting at £369 for last-minute summer deals. They also have special offers on for those looking to book last-minute short breaks during the school holidays and other bank holidays throughout the year.

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