Great last minute cheap holidays

With a wet summer and the sun seeming to be on a holiday of its own its little wonder that many people are thinking of taking a late holiday near the end of the season.

A late deal can mean cheaper prices but can also mean that some of the tourist destinations might have closed down. In resort towns this can mean restaurants, fun parks and attractions will have closed down for the off season. Of course it can also mean that the weather may have taken a turn for the worst too. With most people looking to escape the rain this can sometimes make or break the holiday.

Good last minute cheap holidays can be hard to find thats why we offer now our 3 best options for late stay holidays. All holidays are perfect for a couple of family looking for a late does of fun in the sun.

The first option is seven nights in Antalya in Turkey. Staying in the Ulas Hotel, a two star rated self catering accommodation and departing from Belfast International Airport for only €329. The hotel itself is close to golf courses, water parks and dozens of bars and restaurants that stay open till early October. A perfect late getaway at a budget price. Find this and more on LateDeals.ie.

We think that a late week in Tenerife from only £230 per person based on two people sharing is a good deal. Then when we say its in 4 star accommodation and it includes half board in a hotel with swimming pool close to some of the best beaches the island has to offer we think you will say its a great deal. Find it on LastMinute.com.

Ibiza the clubbers mecca is also an amazing holiday option. With the island season being extended into October thanks to island paradise weather. Late deals from LastMinute.com and LateDeals.ie from as little as £199 or €250 per person sharing.

Bon Voyage!



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