The best sites to score last minute cheap flights

Have you already sorted out your hotel and all you need is a flight ot get you there? Getting a great flight only deal for your upcoming deal has never been easier, and if you are willing to wait until the last minute, there are some stunning bargains to be found. In this blog we are going to point you towards some last minute cheap flights deals, so lets take off!

Getting the best deal on your flight can make a massive difference to your holiday. It leaves you with way more cash to splash while you are away, and there's nothing better than getting a bargain right? In that spirit, we suggest waiting until the last minute to snag your flight from www.lastminute.com. As the name suggests, this site rewards people with a bit of patience with their extremely low prices. All you have to do is hold off on booking and watch as the price tumbles. No matter the destination, they have you covered, with return flights to the States from around £300, and Australia for around £600-700.

Another site which you may not think of checking out, but that offers a hugely competitive price on flight only deals is Teletext Holidays at www.teletextholidays.co.uk. Once again, they specialise in flights to a huge number of destinations, so they are well worth a look. Their last minute section is also extremely well priced, so make sure and check it out.

A final site we recommend is a new kid on the block, but their aggressive pricing makes them hard not to recommend. That site is www.lastminutecheapflights.co.uk/ and it is well worth a look for a bargain flight.

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