Looking for a last minute deal?

With millions of comparison sites out there, it can be quite daunting to even begin a search for a last minute deal this Summer. How do you know if you are actually getting a last minute deal, without trawling through thousands of different sites, how can you ensure your deal is in fact a deal?

Look no further than gohop.ie, a fully Irish owned and run company, based on Pearse Street in Dublin you can rest assured you are getting a real deal, as they compare all online web fares, published fares with various reputable companies as well as private fares to ensure that you are in fact getting a last minute deal, with the cheapest airfare out of Ireland.

With destinations aplenty, such as the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, Canada and America, and packages such as honeymoons, cruises and ski holidays you are sure to find a something that both appeals to you and your budget. Departures are another bonus with Go Hop as their last minute deals include departures from all over Ireland such as Knock, Dublin, Cork and Shannon, with some even having the choice to depart from Belfast International. And with go hop, last minute deals really mean last minute, with departure bookings starting from the following day right up to the end of the month.

Not only that but gohop.ie also offer deals on cars and accomodation so you can secure the full package all in one stop. With 230,000 the leading Irish online travel site are definitely the best place to start when looking for that last minute deal.

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