The Best Last Click Holidays

Between cut-price airlines and budget hotels, holidays abroad have never been cheaper. Price comparison websites provide seemingly endless combinations of flights and hotels for your desired holiday, but with so many of these websites around, how do you know you are really getting the best deal? Lastclick ensures you get the best possible price on your holiday, saving you £10 to £100 on the price you were originally prepared to pay.

What is Lastclick?

Lastclick was created by a group of travel industry professionals who realised that the advertised price of a holiday is often not its true price. By finding out what the actual value of the holiday is, they can pass the savings on to you, the customer. Lastclick is not a travel agency or a tour operator; rather it researches the true final price of popular holidays, and tells you where to buy it. Also, it works through call centres rather than the internet, so you can speak to an actual person and have all your questions answered immediately.

How it Works

In three easy steps, Last click guarantees holidays that will save you at least £10 on your budget.

  1. Find the holiday deal you want. You can search online or through your travel agent, just be sure to print off a copy of the holiday information.
  2. Call Lastclick on +44 (0)161 360 2056. Have all of your holiday details at hand, including: travel dates, flight details, hotel name and board basis (i.e. half-board), and of course, the price.
  3. Let the Lastclick staff work their magic, make your booking using a credit or debit card, and voila! You’ve just booked your holiday, and saved a few pounds in the process!

Tips for Your Holiday Search

To help you through the first step of your search for Last click holidays, lastclick.co.uk provides two handy services. The first is a listing of hotels and apartments in select holiday locations, including Spain (mainland, Balearics, and the Canaries), Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, the USA, and the Caribbean. You can search by hotel name, or browse through the options to find one that appeals to you. The second service is a list of 29 travel websites from price comparison sites to tour operators. Choose the site you want, enter your travel details, and start searching. When you think you’ve got a great deal, give Lastclick a call and get a better one!

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