Las Vegas Hotels: Bringing the World to You

Once a dry and empty patch of desert, Las Vegas is today one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. With 18 of the world’s 25 largest hotels (by room count) located here, and about 124,300 hotel rooms available, there’s bound to be a Las Vegas hotel that suits your budget and your needs.

The Paris Las Vegas is perfect for Francophiles. The buffet serves up dishes from different regions in France, and guests have a view of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe from their rooms. The Bellagio Hotel was fashioned after a lakeside village in Italy, and is famous for its outdoor fountains. Stroll through the Botanical Garden and admire its splendid collection of plants, flowers, and trees; admire masterpieces at the Gallery of Fine Art; or be serenaded by a pianist while enjoying card games at the Baccarat Bar.

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Don’t be surprised to see a laser light show above the Egyptian pyramid at the Luxor Hotel, with its gigantic atrium filled with shops, shows, and fun rides. Look up and see the “inclinators” -- elevators that go on an incline -- take guests up to their rooms. Dining is entertainment at the Luxor, whether you partake of Asian cuisine with a twist at the Fusia Luxor, or prefer the provocative and sexy “loungerie” experience at the Cathouse.

Every half hour, a volcano erupts in Las Vegas -- the volcano at the Mirage, that is. This hotel carries a tropical island theme, and its other attractions include a Dolphin Habitat, where Atlantic bottlenose dolphins live, a 76,000-liter aquarium right behind the front desk, and a lush, indoor rainforest.

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