Lapland holidays in 2015

Are the children already getting anxious about next Christmas or are you simply a person who likes to explore wonderful nature in a scenic location? Lapland in Finland is the perfect holiday getaway whether it be over the Christmas holidays or any other time of the year. Let's take a look at some ideas of what you can do when you get there.

    kallerna - Wikimedia

Spending the holidays here is an unforgettable experience for both young and old. The young ones will want to head straight to Santa’s Grotto where they can meet the Father Christmas who is eagerly awaiting their visit. In order to get here, you will need to take a unique winter mode of transportation which may be anything from a quick snowmobile ride to a traditional reindeer sleigh ride.

There are many deals for those planning on visiting Santa in Lapland. By booking early you may be eligible for receiving a free child place limited to one per family. Grandparents are encouraged to come along as they can save £50 per couple off of adult prices. Another Santa Saver is cash-back savings of up to £100 per couple. Children aged 5 and under also get free drinks and free half-board but make sure to check the terms and conditions though before booking.

Along with visiting St. Nick, families can also explore Lapland by tobogganing, whizzing along on husky sleigh rides or entering the Artistic Igloo where you can view beautiful sculptures while enjoying a cold drink in an ice glass. The trip wouldn’t be complete without taking time to enjoy nature’s beautiful natural light show, the Northern Lights. Sit back and enjoy them while they shimmer and dance above you, lighting up both the sky and the snow below.

Lapland doesn’t forget about the adults either and there are parts of lapland that are crying out to be explored. Besides enjoying the Northern Lights, you can hit the slopes and test out your skiing skills, go on a sled run or rent out snowmobiles and explore the winter wonderland with some power under your backside. Some of the more popular places to visit include Yllas, Levi and Saariselka within Lapland. Make sure to spend some time relaxing in one of the many Finnish saunas nearby to complete a truly memorable trip.

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