Lapland holidays for grown ups

Lapland holidays aren't just about bringing the kids to Santa Claus' Grotto - there's a whole range of fantastic attractions and activities for adults.

The term "Lapland" refers to a cultural region inhabited by the Sami people of northern Europe, and takes in provinces in northern Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia.

Log cabin Lapland holidays

Few things could be as romantic as renting a log cabin in the heart of the beautiful Lapland wilderness. Many cabins and cottages offer private saunas and cosy log fires - just bliss after a day spent exploring the winter wonderland.

Husky sled rides

Husky sled rides are surprisingly fast, thrilling and adrenaline fuelled! Huskies are the best ways to explore the forest pathways and get off the beaten track. On winter evenings, you may even be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights. Husky trips can last anything from one hour to seven nights. Hold on tight and shout "mush"!

Lapland skiing

Lapland offers some of the best cross country skiing in Europe, and there are also great downhill destinations too. Levi, for example, is one of Finland's best ski areas for both alpine and cross-country skiing. When you need a break from the skis, there are plenty of other excursions on offer, including reindeer safaris, horse back riding and hot air balloon rides.

Ice fishing

Lapland offers some great opportunities for fishing trout, salmon, pike, perch, grayling or char. Ice fishing is a unique experience that allows you to soak up the beauty of the region. No special permit is required.

Snow mobiling

Your Lapland holidays just wouldn't be complete without a snow mobile ride! There are plenty of tour groups that offer this experience, and trails and tracks are well marked for independent snow mobilers. A snow mobile tours can last anything from a couple of hours to over a week - with some expeditions covering remote regions in the far north of Lapland.

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