Lapland - A World Unto Itself

More appropriately, think of Lapland as a winter wonderland that sparkles like an enormous ice castle and a beautiful summer delight in the land of the midnight sun.

Lapland offers amazing skiing where the powder is perfect; the warmth of Laplander hospitality welcomes guests; and summer, though brief in this Arctic region, offers seemingly endless daylight. Autumn rings in jewel-like sights of red, gold and brown. A highlight in Lapland is the aurora borealis seen from October to March every year. In late October, there is a captivating sight of "kaamos" in the far north. Kaamos bathes visitors in a halo of bluish light seen no where else in the world.

Lapland Holidays

Taking summer holidays in Lapland may well be a unique experience. The rush of white waters are a thrill rafters won't want to miss. This is a land made especially for lovers of natural beauty, hiking and long walks in perfect national parks.

Summer in Lapland is a once-in-a-lifetime treat like no other. But, winter holidays are no less exciting. Where else can guests enjoy reindeer races on solidly frozen lakes, ice fish or snowmobile amid glistening Lapland snow? Though Lapland may seem remote, tourism remains high among its commercial enterprises. When it comes to accommodation, Lapland is modern with upscale 4-star hotels, great restaurants with authentic cuisine made from freshest ingredients and plenty of entertainment that make Lapland holidays spectacular and memorable.

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