Fabulous Lanzarote resorts

Lanzarote resorts are to be found the length and breadth of the island and are well developed with all amenities a holidaymaker could possibly require.

Lanzarote is an all year round holiday destination, as it enjoys warm sunshine throughout the whole year being located close to the coast of Africa.

Flights and accommodation can be easily booked. Lastminute.com and cheapflights.co.uk are excellent websites to browse for good deals on flights.

Tripadvisor.co.uk and booking.com have a comprehensive list of accommodation in all Lanzarote resorts. All types of accommodation are available from first class hotels to apartments and villas of every description many with swimming pools and gardens.

Puerto del Carmen is the best known of all Lanzarote resorts. It is easily reached from the airport just outside Arrecife by bus or taxi. All the major car rental companies have offices in the airport. If thinking of touring while staying in one of the resorts car hire is a good option.

There are many day trips the holidaymaker can take from Puerto del Carmen. Timanfaya National Park is an easy drive and worth a visit to see its stunning lunar landscape caused by molten lava that solidified leaving behind spectacular rocky formations and weird sculptures.

Just a few centimetres below ground level the temperature is about 400 degrees centigrade . Small pieces of wood stuck into cracks in the ground catch fire almost instantaneously and show how close you are to the layer of magma in a liquid state.

This is just a flavour of what one can do and see staying in Lanzarote resorts.


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