Lanzarote flights for cheap

Lanzarote flights for cheap are difficult to find especially in the peak summer months. The good news is that we are just coming to the end of the summer so the flights are about to go cheap and guess what else? Lanzarote is still incredible any time of the year.

First of all check out the monarch.co.uk website. Monarch offer lots of great low cost air fares to Lanzarote as long as you leave your dates flexible.

We did a search for a flight in the first week of September and managed to find a few great deals. We found one for only £104 return. This will fly one person to Lanzarote for a week and tax is included in this price. Monarch are always worth a look so be sure to check them out.

Of course when you are talking cheap flights Ryanair have to be involved in the process. Hit them up on the ryanair.com website and let's see if they can keep up their great record of low cost flights.

Again we searched around the first week in September for a single person flying to Lanzarote return. While the difference isn't huge, Ryanair once again prove that they are number one when it comes to cheap flights. We found a deal for only £79.90! It's a small savaing but it's more cash to blow in Lanzarote.

When you need Lanzarote flights for cheap, Ryanair and Monarch are always worth checking out. Hit them up and see for yourselves!


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