Searching for a Lanzarote Arrecife property lot?

The volcanic isle of Lanzarote is one of the most magical beach destinations in the world. With stunning scenery, beautiful weather and miles of pristine beach, thousands of Brits travel here each and every year. And there are few better places to visit in Lanzarote than Arrecife. But if you want to stay in this sunny paradise longer than a week or two, it may be worth investing in a holiday property. With inexpensive prices and high rental fees, buying in Arrecife makes a lot of sense. Here's the lowdown on where to find the best Lanzarote Arrecife property lot for your budget.

Think Spain currently advertise a range of apartments in the Arrecife area at low prices. A two bedroom property with an open plan living space and a newly refurbished kitchen with granite counter tops can be had for around £95,652, depending on the exchange rate. This building is literally seconds from the beach, so represents a great deal for beachside property.

If a villa is more your style then Estatelanz have numerous properties for sale fitting this description. A spacious and modern villa with pool can be purchased from as little as £148,753 depending on the exchange rate. Property 3947 comes with two bedrooms both with en-suite facilities, an outdoor terrace, as well as a modern and stylish kitchen area. This villa is also just a short walk from the beach of La Concha, one of Lanzarote's most popular destinations.

So there are plenty of deals to be had if you are searching for the perfect Lanzarote Arrecife property lot. Check local estate agents in Lanzarote to find out what is available when you choose to buy.

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