Lake Garda: holidays to remember

What to expect from Lake Garda holidaysLake Garda holidays are a great way to enjoy the Northern Italian way of life. The region is bustling with villages where you can relax over coffees, ice cream sundaes or chilled wine, overlooking Italy’s largest and most beautiful lake.

There is something for everyone at Lake Garda, whether you want to make the most of your stay by spoiling yourself with the wonderful food, or you prefer watersports. There’s a theme park (Gardland) and you can also go on trips to the nearby city of Verona.

If you’re planning to visit from Scotland, check out Lake Garda holidays from Scotland.

What locations are recommended for holidays to Lake Garda?

Choosing your location will depend on your circumstances. If you’d prefer an all-inclusive family holiday, close to a beach, you could opt for the Hotel Leonardo Da Vinci (www.firstchoice.co.uk/holidays/lake-garda-holidays/limone/hotel-leonardo-da-vinci/).

Le Palme Hotel (www.firstchoice.co.uk/holidays/lake-garda-holidays/garda/le-palme-hotel/) would be preferable for adults looking for a central location (500 metres from the lakeside, 15 km from Gardaland, 45 minutes from the airport).

How much will Lake Garda holidays cost?

The cost of Lake Garda holidays will vary, depending on the standard of hotel.

Prices for the Terminus Hotel start at £299, for 7 nights half-board, departing from London Gatwick. Three nights at the Palme Hotel, half-board, start at £405, departing from Birmingham on 21 September. The centrally located Ancora Hotel is offering 3 nights half-board at £424, departing Gatwick on 21 September.

Self-catering chalets are a more economic option.

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