Lake District hotel offers refund for rain

We think more hotel and B&B owners should follow in the foot-steps of plucky hotel manager Andrew MacKay, who is so sure that this year's holiday season will see not a single drop of rain fall in the Lake District area, that he's prepared to refund guests a £100 if there's even a light shower, the Guardian website reports.

Hot on the heels of the revelation that the Lake District area has just had its driest winter and spring since 1929, many are keen to support MacKay, who runs the well-known Samling Hotel, and his cocksure confidence in the elements. The Samling, which has played host to a multitude of celebrities such as the Beckhams and Tom Cruise, will see a hose-pipe ban imposed on it and other buildings in the vicinity shortly.

Commenting on the infamous reputation for rain that the area has always had, one spokeman for Cumbria Tourism said that the lakes in the Lake District national park were 'at their lowest levels for years after five months of drought.' Bookmakers William Hill is offering evens, 2:1, on the hotel not having to fork out a refund between now and when the offer expires in September.

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