A guide to Laganas holiday resort

Laganas holiday

Laganas is the biggest and most popular holiday resort on Zakynthos, and is visited by tens of thousands of people every year. Most of the resorts visitors are young Europeans looking for a party, and the resort caters' to them with dozens of clubs and bars.

The resort is built by a large attractive beach, nestled in a bay that loggerhead sea turtles migrate to, often laying their eggs on the beach. As a result turtle watching is one of the most popular activities at the resort, and during the summer months there are multiple boat trips every day that aim to give tourists a chance to spot a turtle.

Laganas holiday resort is positioned close to the airport, making for a very short and convenient transfer for tourists, and as Zakynthos is a relatively compact island visitors can reach any other destination on the island with a minimum of fuss.

It is not recommended for families or those wanting a quieter getaway, as it tends to be crowded and noisy, and is aimed squarely at the 18-30 crowd. The beach also gets very busy during the summer, and while much of the island is quaint and idyllic, Laganas is home to fast food restaurants and strip clubs.

All that said, for anyone who does want a party holiday Laganas ticks all the boxes, it's on a hot island, has a beach and all the night life you'll need. It's also cheaper than many of the better known European party resorts.

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