La Tomatina Festival in Spain offers an unique experience

Spain is one of Europe's premier tourist destinations and the country has plenty to offer in terms of alternative adventure holiday options. One such option is La Tomatina festival which is held just outside of Valencia every August.

    flydime - Wikimedia

La Tomatina is basically the world's largest food fight with the primary weapon being tomatoes. La Tomatina is a week long party where the food fight takes place on the final day as locals and visitors let off steam by firing tomatoes at anything that moves. Shopkeepers even have to coat their storefronts with plastic in preparation for the mess that will ensue.

Billed as the "World's Biggest Food Fight", curious travellers and tourists make their way to Bunol, outside Valencia, in East Spain just to witness this crazy event and hopefully take part. There is only one rule - you must squash your tomatoes before hurling them at somebody as it decreases the likelihood of injuries.

There is plenty of music and dancing in the week leading up to the tomato induced mayhem as well as parades and fireworks. The locals are really friendly too so you can take it as a given that you will make a few friends over drinks in Bunol.

Bunol is just a 30 minute drive from Valencia and is well serviced by public transportation. Accommodation can be tricky to find during the festival though so booking well in advance is advised. And fear not, you can purchase tomatoes once you arrive as local stores sell off hundreds of tons to make the festival nice and messy.

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