Why You Should Book for La Palma Holidays

La Palma holidays are perfect for those deliberately seeking self-catering accommodations in order to enjoy their vacation in complete privacy. Of course, having a little bit of alone time with your loved ones doesn’t mean you have to choose a place that’s in the middle of nowhere. For something different, why not try La Palma? It’s one of the hidden jewels of the Canary Islands, and offers natural beauty that hadn’t been yet tainted with man-made activities and urban constructions that destroy the view and consume the natural resources of the planet without guilt.

La Palma is also known to locals as La Isla Bonita or La Isla Verde, which means ‘the beautiful island’ and ‘the green island’, respectively. It is the steepest island in the world and with the biggest erosion crater as well.


This website has one of the most comprehensive selections of La Palma accommodations available online. It can also arrange for your flight and car rental at discounted prices if you wish. An example of the self-catering accommodation available in this site is Casa El Polear, which is a two-bedroom holiday house that has its own pool. The sun terrace overlooking the pool is just one of the many that you will find in this beautiful home and for enjoying the scenic views all around you.


If you prefer to spend your La Palma holidays being served by courteous, sunny and well-trained staff in your rented accommodations, the major towns of the island can offer you hotels like the Sol La Palma Hotel, with rates starting at £442 per seven-night stay per person.

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