La Costa Smeralda: Where History and Luxury Collide

La Costa Smeralda, the Emerald Coast, is a paradise for celebrities, businesspeople, and politicians on their Sardinia holidays. The natural and the man-made combine in an exhilarating way in this world-famous destination in north-eastern Sardinia. Mountains stand beside high-end boutiques, secluded beaches conceal luxury hotels, lovely bays feature gourmet restaurants.

Visitors spend their time biking, golfing, and snorkelling. Yachting is another popular activity, with the annual Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup drawing the biggest, swiftest yachts in a five-day competition. There are five categories, including the Racing division for swift, high-technology yachts, and The Spirit of Tradition division for historical yachts.

Sailing is also a favourite pastime, allowing families and friends a tour of the Costa Smeralda by sea. They can arrange an excursion with Velieri Valentina, which passes Capo d'Orso (bear rock), Spiaggia Rosa (pink sand beach), and La Maddalena (the mother island). Diving facilities are also available, where beginners discover underwater tunnels, caves, and monoliths, and creatures like shade fish, moray eels, and barracudas.

Kids will enjoy a day at Aquadream water park, with thrilling rides such as Black Hole, King Kong, and Max 3.

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Sightseers will find a lot of fascinating things in Costa Smeralda. Santa Teresa di Gallura for example, is a place of archaeological interest. Once under Roman rule, the village’s granite rocks were cut and used for the monuments and homes which give the Eternal City its splendour. Today, sandstone figures of elephants, rhinoceros, and water buffaloes speckle the island, all of which are natural occurrences.

Throughout Sardinia and in the Emerald Coast, Tomba dei Giganti (Giants’ Grave), megalithic structures dating from the Bronze Age, are found. According to Aristotle, Sardinians slept in the tombs of their heroes “to preserve their uncorrupted bodies.”

The burial site of Giuseppe Garibaldi, Italian national hero, can also be found in La Costa Smeralda.

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