La Coruña: a Spanish port of call for European Cruises.

If you’re taking a European cruise this summer, you may well find yourself calling into the Spanish port of La Coruña on the north-west tip of the Iberian Peninsula. Cruises to the Med from Southampton often make stops on the west coast of France, La Coruña and southern Spanish city Cadiz before heading into the warm Mediterranean waters. If you read up on your ports of call before arriving you’ll know where to go and save precious sightseeing time. So here’s some info to help you prepare.

As a strategic Atlantic port, La Coruña has a long standing tradition as a town open to contacts and international trade. It’s famous, if small, landmark lighthouse, the Torre de Hercules, is a World Heritage Site. Built by the Romans, it’s the oldest working lighthouse in the world. Legend has it that it’s the site where Hercules battled against King Geryon.

Nearby is an impressive Aquarium which has both land-side and sea-side displays and is well worth a visit. If you fancy sunbathing on terra firma after a couple of days at sea, head for the Orzán Beach, where city sun seekers and surfers hang out.

There are a number of museums of interest but if your time is limited, try the ‘Domus’, or Casa de las Ciencias, an informative interactive science museum that will interest adults and kids alike.

And last but definitely not least, La Coruña has a number of atmospheric ‘plazas’ in the old part of town such as the colonnaded Plaza de María Pita, the Plaza de Humor and the Plaza de Santa Barbara. They make great places to enjoy a leisurely drink and a little people watching. It’s a town that also excels in fish and sea-food restaurants so make sure you try what’s on offer!

If you fancy visiting La Coruña but the idea of a cruise doesn't grab you, Iberia (Vueling) flies to La Coruña from London or a cheaper option is to fly Ryanair (www.ryanair.com) to Santiago de Compostela and hire a car or catch a bus.

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